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Healthy Living

Well, hello there, LJ. I've missed you. :)

It's been two months since my last entry and things have taken my attention away from you, one of which is, obviously, the ongoing UAAP season. Though it's a bit late, I think I'll take this time to write about what I've been up to during the past few months - and that is getting into a "healthy living" mode. :P

Photo from Corbis

Three things.

1) I quit smoking

Photo credit: http://www.sweetiesswag.com/2009/05/i-quit-smoking-lapel-pin.html

Quite a feat since I've been a smoker for...(mentally counting)8 years. I can still the remember the time and the place where I had my first stick. And the situation which propelled me into getting that first puff. :P It's funny, now that I think about it. Haha :D

Anyway, Max and I both quit smoking - but it's because of the result of his physical exam early this year. When we researched about the doctor's findings, we found out that smoking is one possible cause for it. That was when we decided to stop. Not gradually, as some would suggest, but outright.

Our first test of will came a few days after we decided to quit - the Bora trip! The smokers out there would agree with me that it just feels good to smoke after a heavy, heavy meal, and while drinking. Fortunately, we were able to refrain ourselves from giving in to temptation. The deal that one of us will only smoke if the other did was wonderful - he'd been after me to quit for the longest time and he didn't want to be the reason why I would start again. And, likewise, I'd been hounding him to quit since the result of his PE came out and I didn't want to be the reason for him to smoke again.

Surprisingly, it wasn't hard at all - we just needed to remember the reason(s) WHY we quit and that's it. We're now 7-months (and some days) nicotine-free. :)

2) I started running

Actually, it's actually more of "I started walking/jogging" than running but well, you get the point. It's no secret that running has become a fad (or is it really just a fad?) in the country but I'm happy to have joined the bandwagon. :P

For one, it forced me to have a little discipline. After all, I can't stay up late the night before. AND it forced me to wake up and be at the place at the specified time since the races usually on time.

Green Miles Run
My first run last March 2010

One La Salle Run
My first run with Max :)

Save for August, I'm happy that I've been able join at least one run a month with my friends - and some of them free! :D

I join the 5k category of the runs and until I reach my target (5k in less than 30m), I won't go to the next category (10k). Haha. My best record was at 33min but I'm averaging at around 35-36 :( So yeah, I have a long way to go.

So far, I've tried running in Fort (same start/finish but always a different route), MOA, Roxas Blvd and Ortigas (along J. Vargas). I'm looking forward to trying a trail run, maybe in Timberland and maybe in another one of our projects, Laeuna de Taal in Tagaytay. :D

3) Back to working out

Yeah, yeah, I've been a lifetime member in the gym since I was in grade school. I guess my mom had the foresight that I'd be matakaw, haha! Anyway, for the longest time, this is the most that I've gone to the gym - I'm always had my share of excuses for not going.

The running thing is my main motivation to working out - after all, I couldn't possibly hope to improve my time if I'm not doing anything, right?

But to be honest, my gym time has taken a hit in the last few weeks :( Work has been unbelievably toxic and it's only now that things are starting to wind down. So hopefully, I'll get back to the swing of things. :D

So, I guess that sums up my healthy living post. I really don't know what triggered it - all I know is, I'm getting older and I wanted to stay healthy. :D I hope I can maintain it. *crosses fingers*



Amazingly enough, this journal has been up since October 2002. There were times that I rarely posted anything, and times that I posted almost daily. I guess it depends on my mood. That, and the privacy of my thoughts - some of which are only for my real (handwritten) journal.

I'm living life, and loving it. Creating moments, capturing them and cherishing it. This journal is one of the ways of capturing them. Anyway, I just want to say HI to you. However you came across this site, thank you for visiting. I'm really a private person so other entries are locked. So there. That's it, you may go on reading my thoughts and opinions about everything and anything. :)

I'm Karen, btw.

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