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2010 roundup in pictures / 2011 preview

As I said last night, the 2010 roundup in pictures will be posted today. I wanted to do it last night but since I had to leave early (spent NYE at my friend's place) to avoid all those firecrackers, I had no choice but to leave it to today.

This post will feature the highlights and events that happened each month (this will replace what I usually do before, posting the first line of the first post every month for the whole year) and a brief description. I do this to remind myself of the things I am thankful for the past year, and to motivate myself to make 2011 much more awesome :) Here goes...


Manz and Mic got engaged! With the tropa as witnesses :)

My grade school ka-barkada got married, with us as her bridesmaids


Bora Trip with officemates; the time when Max and I quit smoking

Successful 2010 Sales Kick Off Cowboy Style


My first ever run - The Green Miles


Cluster Teambuilding at Philip's Sanctuary in Antipolo

Groundbreaking of my project in Pasig. :)


FLI Sportsfest. Our cluster had to team up with other Project Groups - met new people :)


Bicol Trip - Mayon, Butanding, ATV, CWC (Wakeboarding). Caramoan for 2011. :)

OCAI Run where I had my 5k PR at 33min. Still couldn't break it :(


One La Salle Run. Our first run together. So happy to have Max with me here :)

4th anniversary of the Management Trainees :D

(no August - perhaps because it's ghost month?:P)

"Graduation" of our students in our Business Development Training Program

Birthday in Subic Treetop Adventure
3rd Anniversary in Enderun (we didn't have any picture, though :c)

No October again - not really sure why

Result (although it's still not done) of the groundbreaking last April

Because December is a special month - it'll be a Christmas roundup. :P

My first 10k

First place in our Glee-inspired Christmas Party Show Choir Competition

PG 18 Business Development + our engineers/architects (plus 3 more)

Tropa Christmas Party - others already went home, so we weren't complete in this picture :(

Pampanga Food Trip / Overnight at Fontana

Blue Christmas - Christmas Eve with Jet's Family

Christmas Day with the Tropa

Day after Christmas movie & coffee with Tropa

Hmm. It was quite a year, I just realized it now that I was looking at the pictures.

So with the first day of the new decade coming to a close, I think that this year will be legendary (I can't bring myself to say legen-wait for it-dary, haha :P). And if how the tropa started it this morning is an indication, I think I'm right :D

In any case, the first quarter is looking good -

Image from Ivan Henares

And of course, Manman and Mic's wedding! Can't wait! :)


Amazingly enough, this journal has been up since October 2002. There were times that I rarely posted anything, and times that I posted almost daily. I guess it depends on my mood. That, and the privacy of my thoughts - some of which are only for my real (handwritten) journal.

I'm living life, and loving it. Creating moments, capturing them and cherishing it. This journal is one of the ways of capturing them. Anyway, I just want to say HI to you. However you came across this site, thank you for visiting. I'm really a private person so other entries are locked. So there. That's it, you may go on reading my thoughts and opinions about everything and anything. :)

I'm Karen, btw.

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